SecurITree Tour

Join us for a brief 7 minute video tour overview of how to build and analyze an attack tree using Amenaza's SecurITree software!

The tour first shows how easy it is to create a tree using SecurITree's graphical interface. Indicator functions and values are then added reflecting the resources an adversary would need to put forward to compromise the target, and showing what benefits they would obtain. Additionally, indicators describe the various damages a victim would sustain depending on the approach the adversary takes (represented by their selected path through the tree).

The software generates a list of hypothetical attack paths and evaluates the likelihood a given adversary would select them, based on their resources and goals. Victim impact is incorporated to help identify scenarios of unacceptable risk. This information is used to formulate effective countermeasures which are then tested for effectiveness in the revised model. Machine learning helps the analyst better understand the results.


SecurITree. Modeling, the future of security.