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You may be eligible to receive an evaluation license for SecurITree! Please fill out the form below and Amenaza, or one of its resellers, will contact you to review your requirements and determine whether an evaluation license would be appropriate. Your e-mail address must be correct as it will be used to send the evaluation license. Please note a response may take up to one business day.

If you are interested in downloading any of our supporting documents separately for SecurITree, please click on the Documents link. Please note that all of these documents are also included in the installation package.

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If your request for a SecurITree evaluation license is granted, by clicking the button, below, you agree

  • to abide by the terms and conditions of Amenaza Technologies Limited (hereafter, Amenaza) SecurITree End User License Agreement (EULA);

  • that, in addition and without restricting any term or condition of the EULA, you also agree that you and your organization will not create an attack tree threat modeling tool for commercial resale for a period of at least two years from the end of the SecurITree evaluation period;

  • that instructions will be sent to you that, when followed, will result in software being installed on your computer whose function will be to perform threat risk analysis;

  • that Amenaza Technologies Limited (Amenaza) and its resellers may contact you to provide assistance in the use of the evaluation license and to provide you with information about Amenaza's products. You may, at any time, send an e-mail to advising Amenaza that you do not wish further contact from Amenaza and its partners regarding Amenaza's products. By so doing you agree that any evaluation licenses and any right to use Amenaza's products that have been granted to you are terminated and that you will remove the evaluation software and/or libraries from your computer;

  • that, pursuant to Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), you agree there is a business relationship between you and Amenaza entitling Amenaza to communicate electronically with you unless you advise us that you no longer wish such communication.

In return, Amenaza agrees to treat the contact information you provide with care and respect. As part of the evaluation, you can expect to receive about 6 automatically generated messages throughout the evaluation period. An Amenaza representative will also make personal contact to assist with the evaluation.

Amenaza agrees to take reasonable measures to protect your information from disclosure. Amenaza will not sell your contact information. Amenaza will only share your information with SecurITree resellers who agree not to disclose your information to other parties without first seeking your approval. Amenaza agrees to remove your name from any distribution lists we may have compiled within 72 hours of receipt of your request for removal. Amenaza also agrees to contact any resellers to whom we have given your contact information and request that they also remove your name from distribution and contact lists.

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