Frequently Asked Questions

Customization & API

Although SecurITree is an amazingly versatile and powerful tool right out of the box, Amenaza realizes that certain customers will have specific needs. These requirements can be addressed in two ways:

  1. Customers can write their own extensions using SecurITree's Java-based application programming interface (API). The API makes it possible to extend the operations that can be performed from within SecurITree. It also allows the creation of standalone applications that access and manipulate SecurITree data.
  2. Contract Amenaza Technologies to create the customizations. Gain access to the people who wrote SecurITree. In addition to custom applications using the API, Amenaza can access internal data structures to enhance SecurITree or produce custom applications based on the customer's specifications.

System Requirements

SecurITree runs on the following operating systems:

For the best results we recommend the following minimum system requirements:

How can I verify the integrity of the software I just downloaded from Amenaza?

You can verify the integrity of the SecurITree evaluation software by clicking on the appropriate link:

Why am I getting Out of Memory messages when Task Manager says lots of memory is available?

A memory error can occur while working on very large attack trees in SecurITree or while performing memory intensive analytic operations. SecurITree is a Java-based application that executes within the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). By default, the JRE limits the amount of a PC's memory available to Java applications. This limit can be easily increased. As a general rule, the limit should be somewhat less than the amount of physical memory in the computer.

To increase the amount of memory available to SecurITree on a Windows PC:


Please call Amenaza Support for further assistance.



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