The SecurITree Advantage

Incident Risk ≡ Incident Probability × Incident Impact

It is impossible to achieve an appropriate level of security at a reasonable cost unless you know how you will be attacked and what the impact will be to you.

Conventional risk analysis technologies rely on checklists and statistics - neither of which are effective for hostile threats. They deliver voluminous, difficult to understand reports which require huge amounts of work to repeat when conditions change. If you are satisfied with these old fashioned approaches then proceed with caution! The material on this site may forever change your way of viewing threat risk analysis.

Capabilities-based attack tree analysis works in a broad variety of disciplines ranging from information technology to physical security. Amenaza's customers include defense and intelligence organizations, health care providers, critical infrastructure companies, aerospace manufacturers, financial organizations, laboratories, consulting companies and progressive Fortune 1000 clients. Throw away your obsolete hostile risk analysis methodologies and model the future of your security. Think like an attacker! Think SecurITree!

Advantages of SecurITree's Capability-Based Attack Tree Approach

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